What we do

We take great care to create an environment free from competition so that the students can take the time they need to build confidence and be self-reliant.

Our curriculum covers basic and social skills, language, numbers and functional academics. It is designed to nurture the creative potential in every student through a holistic approach.

Vocational Training

HOPE offers pre-vocational and vocational training to equip children with skills to sustain themselves.

Students over 18 years of age are trained in one or more vocations depending on their abilities and preferences.

The vocational Units at our centers helps them develop the following skills:

We pay a monthly stipend to all the trainees.

HOPE students are trained in housekeeping, cleaning and gardening and involved in the upkeep of the premises.


At HOPE, we concentrate on teaching individuals based on their capabilities either on a one-to-one basis or in a group. Every student follows a customized training module and activities based on the general curriculum of the state education system.

HOPE imparts both academic and functional education to its residents. Several residents have been successful in clearing the secondary and higher secondary examinations of the state education board.

We aim to educate these children in an environment free from competition, which allows them time and confidence to be self-reliant.

We teach our students basic and social skills, language, numbers, and functional academics. Our curriculum is designed in a way that helps in developing the creative potential in each child through a holistic approach.


Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Sensory Therapy

Our Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Sensory Therapy units provide therapy to the students according to their needs and requirements.

Counselling Sessions

Regular and extensive counselling sessions are held with parents and caregivers to support the development of students and tackle behavioral problems. Parents are often encouraged to be present inside the classroom and participate in the teaching process if required.

Hydrotherapy & Sand Therapy

Water and Sand Therapy assist in the treatment and rehabilitation of students with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders. These therapies strengthen muscles, enhance power and endurance, and increase range of motion of joints.

Music & Dance

Our students receive training in music and dance and regularly participate in various cultural fests organized by HOPE. We organize several cultural and sporting events to facilitate mingling of the students with members of the local community.

Daily Living Skills Training

At HOPE, we constantly endeavour to equip our students with skills to be self-sufficient. Emphasis is laid on ensuring students are well-versed in basic activities that are a part of our daily life. Counselling sessions and regular meetings with family members help in training the students to reduce dependence on their caregivers to a minimum.

St. Paul's Road, A-Zone DSP Township, Durgapur-713204